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Grow room layout

Get off to the right start with a proper design and room layout. Save time and money, avoid common pitfalls, optimize square footage to deliver you the best results. Our team of professionals can help guide you along the way to provide quality.

Strain customization

Product consistency begins with a consistent environment. Monitor and manage environmental variables with a centralized controller. Cloud-based software allows you remote access from any internet connection. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are at your fingertips.

Yield optimization

Once you’ve dialed it in, scale up and deliver consistency time and time after again. Simulate day and night, schedule feedings weeks in advance. Collect and review data analytics to drive yields and profits.


  1. Environmental Control Systems
    Environmental Control Systems
    What’s really going on inside your grow room? An environmental controller allows for the exact measure and control of multiple grow rooms. Scheduled from start to finish, environmental variables such as lights, temperature, humidity and CO2 can be remotely adjusted on the fly, while reducing labor and energy costs. Product consistency begins with a controlled environment. Learn more with our Indoor Automation Basics PDF.
  2. Fertigation & Nutrient Dosing Systems
    Fertigation & Nutrient Dosing Systems
    Still mixing your nutrient batches by hand? Avoid the hassle with automated nutrient dosing and fertigation. Our fertigation systems can be programmed to feed precise amounts, scheduled weeks in advance. Control dosing and irrigation from a centralized location and allow yourself the freedom to focus on what’s really important. Download our Automation Design PDF for more information.
  3. Design-Build & Construction Services
    Design-Build & Construction Services
    Often overlooked, your project’s success is dependent on mission critical factors and considerations which involve electrical, plumbing and general construction. From a simple cursory review to a full design layout, we have the experience necessary to ensure your project is fully functional. We maintain a CA Contractor License. Download our CEA Design Build PDF to learn more.

About Us

We aspire to become the choice partner of commercial growers within North America, providing superior products, service and support.

Business Overview

Saving You Time & Money

Our business primarily operates under two segments: equipment distribution and construction services. Our equipment distribution segment is primarily engaged in the resale and integration of environmental control and fertigation equipment. As a company, we are also committed to providing quality after-market and technical support services to assist our customers with their day-to-day operations. Our construction segment primarily services our local customers in the markets of the southern and central California. Our licensed teams are capable of completing projects ranging from tenet improvement to full-scale greenhouse construction.
The ability for us to integrate, pre-program and pre-wire a custom solution can save you thousands of dollars. Instead of paying an electrician $100 per hour to piece-meal together a Load Center and Custom-sized Lighting Panel, allow our UL and CUL products to do the work. We can build and deliver a complete pre-wired solution that only requires that outside connections be made. Experience has shown us time and time again this will cut down immensely on problems down the road (e.g., wiring issues, surge issues, etc.) as well as saving you installation and repair costs.
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